Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Get A Healthy VJJ with This Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health care professional and prefer not to even see a doctor or healthcare professional but when BV strikes, you feel helpless.

I am a 53 year old woman.  I was raised on the Mediterranean diet and have eaten it most of my life so that’s probably the reason that I never experienced a yeast infection or BV until peri-menopause just last year.  I had my first yeast infection last year and I just overcame my very first experience with BV.  If you take the time (patience is key, we’re talking up to two months max), you can cure YOURSELF of this infection.

My primary care physician determined I had a shift in flora based on the results of my pap smear.  I knew something was wrong down there.  I had a strong odor but no itch or burn so I just figured it was from my period.  I had been on vacation the prior week, tampon in tact while all week long swimming in the ocean. And I ate and drank like a fish while on vacation. Talk about bacteria just waiting to grow!

I have always been a good healthy eater but do get my share of the sweet tooth and drink ice coffee (black) twice a day. And let’s face it, women know their bodies.  If we feel itchy, burning, bubbles, or like we are being cut down below, we know something is not right.

So, once I got my diagnosis and prescription for Flagyl from the doctor. I set myself in motion to get rid of this infection and read everything I could and did the following for the next 2 months and probably will for the rest of my life.

Here’s what I did:

I did not take the Flagyl the doctor prescribed until I prepared my body for TWO weeks.

This means the following:

No coffee, no alcohol, no sugar, no yeast is mandatory.  You are what you eat.  Feeding the bacteria any of these things while you are suffering from the infection will make matters worse.  I went cold turkey, it was easy.  I found potato chips to be my new friend for snacking.  I lost 6lbs. the first week, not intentionally, but cut those 4 things from your diet and it just happens.

Buy Lifeway Kefir Probiotic (drinkable yogurt loaded with good cultures) and drink 8 ounces twice a day.  Buy the plain or buy the plain and one of the flavors and mix a tablespoon of the flavored in the 8 oz. of plain to make it tastier.  The flavored is high in sugar so be careful. 

Eat Chobani brand yogurt (plain) 6oz. or more twice a day.  I dip my potato chips or veggies in it or eat it right from the container or use it as a substitute for milk with my cereal.  Many yogurts claim to have live cultures but the cultures die once they are off to market.  Chobani yogurt (made from cow’s milk has live cultures always) or any brand of goat’s milk yogurt is good too. (Both the yogurt and kefir are available in your supermarket's dairy section).

Do not douche…ever….unless you are going to use a diluted tea tree oil douche. I did not.
You should however try a yogurt tampon.  Dip the cotton tip of a tampon in a teaspoon of plain yogurt and insert it for a few hours.  I did this every day for 2 weeks.  Very relieving of symptoms.

Your supplements and vitamins to purchase from a HEALTHFOOD store and use prior to taking the Flagyl:

  • Kyolic Garlic tabs or capsules: 1000 mg twice a day.
  • Nature’s Plus Source of Life Women Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: one per day.
  • Golden Seal tabs: two 400mg tablets once a day for one week, then stop for a week.
  • Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion: one capsule per day (this supplement is most important, this restores all the good bacteria in you that the Flagyl is going to wipe out once you take it, and because you will have these good cultures in you fighting to survive, you will avoid the yeast infection that usually results from taking the Flagyl because that is a potent antibiotic).
  • Note: Only buy your vitamins and supplements at a health food store.  They are purer and higher potency, the real deal.  They cost more but it is money well spent.  Cheaper supplements and vitamins from a pharmacy chain or department store are worthless and useless and that’s why many people say “I took those and they didn’t work”.  Junk does not work and you will be saving money but might as well flush these cheap supplements down the toilet.

After two weeks, continue all the above, plus the yogurt and kefir while on the antibiotic.  Golden seal works best when you start and stop for a week.

  • Take the Flagyl or antibiotic you received from the doctor (not mandatory if your BV has subsided based on taking the yogurt, kefir and supplements but there are circumstances where the bacteria can move from your vagina into other parts of you body so I took it as prescribed once my body was prepared and NO yeast infection occurred from usage because my body was prepped).

  • Drink ginger tea or peppermint tea twice a day.  This helps with any sugar cravings and keeps your mood up.
  • Eat organic cereals if you are a cereal person.  The Nature’s Path company makes many low in sugar that taste great.  Add Bob’s Red Mill ground flax seed to your cereal.

Your life plan for vaginal health should include the garlic tabs, the renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support, kefir and yogurt.  Stevia is a good sugar substitute if you need it but the rest of them are junk. 

After 6 weeks of strict adherence to no coffee, no alcohol, no sugar, no yeast and the above foods and supplements, I rid myself of my first BV infection totally and hopefully for life. 

Buy a Vagisil PH Kit ($16.99).  The PH level guide starts at 4.5 ph.  My PH when tested after 6 weeks was a perfect 4.5

Good luck..keep me posted!